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Welcome to the home of RVP Group


Producing and promoting reggae music to the masses since 1978.

RVP Group has been involved in a variety of forms in the recording, producing, releasing and promoting of over 150 different albums since 1978.

Our team's list of credits range from recording engineer, to songwriter+producer, to artist manager, to booking agent, to live production , filming and editing, post-production, and many other roles within the reggae music industry.

Representing a range of talent both in the studio, behind the camera and on the stage, RVP Group is a multi-country Reggae Music production house and talent management team.

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"Reggae music don't really focus on one thing, you know. If reggae music is speaking about the struggle of people, and the suffering, it don't mean black people. It mean people in general."

- Burning Spear


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