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About RVP Group

Rasta Vibration Productions / RVP Group History and Bio:

In East Africa's centre of reggae, Nairobi's RVP Group originally formed as a booking agency in 1978 to help emerging reggae artists with live concerts.

Growing from a touring agency to producing festival events in the 1980s, sub-entities of RVP (Rasta Vibration Productions) developed to spearhead original video production, record distribution and artist promotion.

Throughout the 90's into 2000s, RVP has expanded with offices in Nairobi, London and Kingston to undertake a range of activities to grow and support the reggae community.

After three decades of events and filming, an archiving project began in the 2010s seeing original productions of performances, artist interviews and more from the RVP vaults of recordings presented online in high resolution.

What began as a labour of love for one RVP staffer has grown into a full department of content digitizing, restoration and hosting of some of the finest reggae music from across the globe.

You can find these productions on our official RVP Group YouTube Channel.

Please also follow our official Facebook page for archival and new reggae music releases.


You can also listen to our releases on our official Spotify profile and all good streaming music platforms.

Thank you & much love, Rasta Vibration Productions / RVP Group.


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